Spring into Action Challenge!

For those of you who remember our challenge last year, we are pleased to announce that this website will be home to another challenge centered on community service called the Spring Into Action Challenge. 

As a youth-focused organization, Life Launch Academy believes that young people have the power to impact their community through small and large acts of service. This spring and summer, Life Launch Academy invites you to join us in new ways of serving the community through our GIVE challenge!



How You Can Enter

To enter our GIVE challenge, you must complete the following steps:


  1. Pick any project (it doesn’t have to be from our list) that benefits your community.

  2. Upload a short video of your service project to Youtube, showing your generosity and hard work! (You can learn more about the project guidelines here.)

  3. Have a parent or legal guardian fill out an online form, including a URL of your video as proof of your goodwill and kindred spirit.

  4. Sit tight until we choose our top five candidates and let you vote on the winner of our GIVE challenge. 



In each of our programs, Life Launch Academy makes safety the number one priority. This is why we’ve designed new ways you can serve your community during this season. 


Ways you can serve your community include…


  • Helping neighbors with yard-care

  • Being a pen pal through Hill Crest Health

  • Creating an online fundraiser

  • Donating or volunteering at a local food bank

  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood

  • Contribute to a community garden

  • Chalk your walk Wednesdays


…and many more!