Sending a Care Package

With COVID still around, it remains to be difficult and even hazardous for some people, especially the elderly, to leave their homes for resources. So, there's a need for other people to send them resources. Click here for a detailed list of instructions.

Mailing Encouraging Letters

In times of isolation, mental health can seriously deteriorate. So, writing a letter to someone can be a helpful and sincere way to emotionally support them.

Click here for instructions on how to write a letter.

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Teen Volunteers

Donate to a Local Food Pantry

Donating food is a great way to help those in need while minimizing social contact. There are multiple food banks in Omaha, click here to find a complete list and choose one to donate to. Alternatively, you can start your own Little Free Pantry in your own neighborhood!

Yardwork Service for Neighbors

With some people needing to isolate to stay safe, lawns and weeds can get out of hand. So, helping neighbors with yard work is a great way to help those around you and your community. Click here for more instructions on yard work.

Creating an Online Fundraiser

While there is a need for physical service, one of the safest ways to help those in need is by creating a fundraiser. Organizations like the Center for Disease Philanthropy, and others need funding in order to fight COVID-19. Digital platforms, such as Anython, and RallyUp are good tools you can use to raise money for a good cause! 

Please Note:

This is not a complete list of all the things you can do to help your community during this time. If you have a great idea that isn't on this list, go through with that. As long as it holds up to our submission guidelines and is something that helps your community, it's allowed!


In Person

Despite COVID-19 concerns, there are still safe ways for you to physically get involved. While maintaining social distancing, you can clean up litter outdoors, participate in packaging food for the at risk, or creating positive reminders to place in your community!


Use social media to spread positivity in this time where we are overwhelmed with negativity!


Send care packages or letters to the at risk in quarantine!

By Email

Several nursing homes have started pen pal programs where you can brighten the day of an elderly citizen in isolation right now.