Local Organizations

Just as important as helping others with acts of service, giving to local organizations already helping the community is an efficient and effective way to help during this time. As social distancing makes acts of service more difficult, donating to one of the following organizations can do a lot of good to those around us. 

Open Door Mission

The Open Door Mission provides beds, food, and other resources for those affected by poverty, hoping to eliminate the problems of homelessness. Click here for a list of their needs.


Siena Francis House

The Siena Francis House is the largest provider of services and offers emergency resources and shelters for the homeless of Omaha. Click here for a list of their needs.

Stephen Center

The Stephen Center serves vulnerable and low-income individuals suffering from poverty, addiction, and homelessness. Click here for a list of their needs. 


Micah House

The Micah House is committed to keeping vulnerable women and families safe by giving them a good environment to be in while contributing to end homelessness by empowering individuals to live independently. Click here for a list of their needs.

Project Hope

Project Hope ministers to people in need with a spirit of hope, love, encouragement, compassion, and exists to provide food and clothing to those in need. Click here for a list of their needs.


Food Bank for the Heartland

Food Bank for the Heartland seeks to eliminate hunger in Omaha by providing emergency and supplemental food to those in need with respect, integrity, and urgency. Click here for a list of their needs.


Saving Grace

Saving Grace is an organization that receives and donates excess food across Omaha, committed to lowering food waste and decreasing hunger amongst the needy. Click here for ways to help them.


Heartland Hope Mission

Heartland Hope Mission seeks to aid people regardless of status or identities in providing them basic necessities from food to hygiene products and seeks for them to become self-sufficient. Click here for a list of their needs.

If you are both willing and able to give to these organizations, a sizeable donation will make you eligible for participating in the website's challenge. Just make sure to be clear on what you're giving and to which organization. Keep in mind, organizations in Omaha are not limited to those on the above list, if you know of another charitable organization to give to, feel free to!