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In a day and age surrounded by bad news, we here at LLA wanted to put something together to brighten up your day, and we figured who better to do that than our middle school students? For the first session this school year in our afterschool program, GIVE, we taught students the importance of communication in the world of service and finished by having them interview each other on the things in their lives they enjoyed. If you're interested in what the bright eyes of today's youth are seeing, read on.

Q: Think of a Beautiful person, place, or object. What makes it beautiful to you?

  • "Probably just going to the Old Market during winter is really fun. I’m with my family during Christmas and there’s lights everywhere." -Domink, Lewis & Clark

  • "My favorite place is downtown or with my cousins and friends having fun. I like downtown because there’s a lot to do at night and it’s pretty. And my friends and family make me happy." -Kenzie, Lewis & Clark

  • "I feel like it would be flowers because they bloom and they grow like us. They have beautiful colors."                     -Saniyah, Lewis & Clark

  • "My stuffed animal penguin that I’ve had since I was a baby." -Graysen, Nathan Hale

  • "Honestly, something really beautiful to me is my grandpa, he is very special to me. I have many awesome memories with him." -Eleanor, Lewis & Clark

  • "A place I find beautiful is probably the Grand Canyon. the structure of it. The beauty of the mountains is beautiful to me and I find it interesting how it’s made." -Treon, Lewis & Clark

  • "I love Cali. I think it’s beautiful because I was born there and it’s got most of where my family is. It’s really nice." -Kevin, Nathan Hale

Q: If you could make a positive change in your community, what would it be and how would you accomplish it?

  • "I would make my own t-shirts and sell them at an affordable price so people would be able to have stylish clothing they can afford." -Gabby, Nathan Hale

  • "Probably I would focus on saving turtles and I would accomplish it by reusing and recycling and helping other people trying to earn money to create a business to save turtles." -Kennedy, Lewis & Clark

  • "It would be helping people do yard work. There’s a lot of older people in my neighborhood. I would probably go around and ask people if they want to volunteer." -Raquel, Lewis & Clark

  • "I would make a company that could make shelters for homeless people and I’d make the company manufacture the shelters." -Kevin, Nathan Hale

  • "It would be that some parts of Omaha weren’t as rough as others. It’s kind of sad seeing kids live in violence and danger. I want to change that by bringing positivity and love. Even simple actions like opening the door for someone or saying 'hi' in the hallway." -Chloe, Lewis & Clark

  • "Make school like an hour later than 7-3 because kids wake up too early to catch the bus or get ready and if we just had an extra hour we could probably get more done without being stressed about school. I would accomplish it by trying to convince the school that it would work better." -Treon, Lewis & Clark

  • "I would build a play area for dogs and strays. It can be an animal sanctuary for dogs and cats where they don’t have to be walking across the street and get run over. A place where they can have peace and safety." -Wade, Nathan Hale

  • "I would make a change on deviousness because people have been taking all the soap from the bathrooms from school and if we don’t have any soap, we have to go virtual again." -Cameron, King Science

  • "Help people stop littering and stop bullying and cyberbullying because there’s too much of that and people are committing suicide." -Darnell, King Science

  • "My positive change would probably getting everyone together to clean a street, and I’d complete it by persuading everyone until they all agree." -Georgia, Nathan Hale 


Q: What do you like most about the school you attend?

Ronco_0005_King Science 1.jpg
  • "The TAA Trailblazer Afterschool Academy is absolutely great and awesome." -Kennedy, Lewis & Clark

  • "I like my teachers because they are very nice." -Totyanna, King Science

  • "I like learning about school because then when I grow up, I can be an achiever." -Darnell, King Science

  • "Something new here, I think is the after school program because if I’m having a rough day, all I need to remember is there’s an after school program and it’s way better than my old school." -Saniyah, Lewis & Clark

  • "The fact that I have plenty of friends here." -Gabby, Nathan Hale

  • "The afterschool programs." -Wade, Nathan Hale

  •  "I like Gym because we get to run around, or when we get free time." -Tonyo, Nathan Hale

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